What's the Hippo?

The Hippo is the world's largest inflatable water slide. Its incredible view from the three-story high platform is breathtaking and the 40 degree drop delivers a thrilling ride that is safe for all ages!

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The Hippo has been designed and engineered with safety being the highest priority. It's many safety features are leading edge in the inflatable industry, making it by far the safest giant inflatable slide on the market. Unlike many other slides which are more restrictive, the Hippo's unique design eliminates the need for individual weight limits and can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. The Hippo is manufactured for FreeStyle Slides under license by HEC Plastics Manufacturing. All the materials used in the manufacturing of the Hippo are of the highest quality and are FR rated to the highest standards required by law. The Hippo's design is regulated in the US and Canada and has passed all mandatory safety inspections and pressure testing. The Hippo has been constructed to operate as a wet or dry slide offering the flexibility to run all year round, regardless of the season or location.

Safety Certification
The design of the Hippo slide has been certified by Sawyer, Duncan & Associates (registered engineers) as a safe amusement ride. The Hippo satisfies the general requirements of ASTM F-24 'Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices', and the particular requirements of ASTM F-1159-03a, Section 7.6: 'Air-Supported Structures'. Further National and State certifications include approval in the State of New Jersey (Type Certification Number: TC-00372-00).